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Feedback FM610 digital frequency meter

This frequency counter by a manufacturer named “Feedback” doesn't really look like a very professional instrument. It comes in a cheap plastic case. But its Sperry Panaplex flat panel displays make it special. It doesn't work well yet, but it will.
I had never heard of the “Feedback” brand until I saw this counter on the quarterly NVHR swapmeet. It didn't look very special, but the size and colour of the display window made me curious. When I peeked through the front window with the light coming in at the right angle, I saw the shiny metal strips of a Panaplex display. The price was right, so I bought it. A manual didn't come with it though. And I will need it.

This British made, Belgian used counter has three ranges:

There are also buttons to select the trigger slope, set an input filter and set the input sensitivity and two controls to set the time between measurement cycles and the trigger level. A very basic counter.

The display consists of two Sperry Panaplex displays and has a total of 6 digits. Panaplex displays are flat, 7-segment neon displays. I haven't yet opened the counter so I don't know what more technology is inside.

When I switched it on, the display lit. The “GATE” light reacted to a signal I gave at the input. But the number on the display didn't have any bearing to the frequency of the signal.

So I will have to find a manual or find out how it works myself. In the meanwhile, I'm happy to have this Panaplex counter. The numbers are wrong, but they are beautiful!

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