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Philips 915X Radio (1941)

The 915X is a luxurious and performing radio. Its design is square and stern. It contains some really nice technical innovations such as the Linodyne tuning capacitor. I bought it a long time ago, but I still haven't fixed it.
This stern-looking radio must have been quite expensive. It is large and has a large speaker. It has an audio amplifier with an extra stage. It has an RF pre-amplifier for sensitive SW reception. And best of all: it has a Linodyne tuning capacitor with pre-set buttons. It must have been built in 1940 or 1941.

The 915X contains 8 valves:

I bought this in spring 2001 on a flea-market. It immediately caught my eye and I decided to buy it.

	   An impressively large chassis with 8 valves.

An impressively large chassis with 8 valves.

I still don't know if it works. The person selling it told me the radio was in original condition. Seems he was exaggerating. The inside looks quite good, not much dust. But much of the rubber insulation on the wiring looks dried out. The chassis must have been taken out once, because the wires on the loudspeaker look like they have been unsoldered some decades ago. The rectifier has tape on it with a type number. Not a good idea. That will probably smell bad.

On the outside, the case has a lot of scratches. And one thing is missing: there should be a set of five brass rails in front of the speaker. Three are missing.

So it looks like this radio will be a lot of work.

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