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Intricate Instruments

Measuring instruments are the tools of the trade for electronic engineers and hobbyists. We cannot do without. As Lord Kelvin used to say, “To Measure Is to Know”. Besides tools, electronic instruments are interesting intricate electronic devices of their own, rewarding objects to build or repair.

Instruments I collected

During the years when I practiced my electronics hobby, I bought electronic instruments that I needed, if I could afford them. During all these years, a number of occasions occurred to obtain nice second hand professional measuring gear. As a result, I have collected a number of mostly old instruments to use, admire and analyse.

I have a small collection of analogue multimeters using a moving coil meter movement. Then, of course, a lot of valved instruments are on the Valve Veneration page and voltmeters and counters using nixie tubes. Besides valve scopes, I have (or have had on my hands) a number of scopes without valves (well, they do all have a CRT):

And, of course I have a number of transistorised instruments that are nevertheless interesting. A small selection: I also added two tube testers to my collection:

Instruments I built

I have built a number of intruments myself. Some were very rewarding to build, some were just sources of frustration. The ones that succeeded:

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