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Digavi digital Voltage / Current meter

I found this Digavi multimeter through Internet. I had never seen the brand before, but I liked its looks. It looked like an interesting instrument because of its shape and size. It has about the dimensions of a professional analogue multimeter, but it is digital and has 3 top view nixies for display.
This Digavi multimeter has about the dimensions of a professional multimeter from the late 1960's, like for example Unigor. It feels equally solid. The range switch has a large knop and has a solid feel. It covers only DC ranges, from 100 mV to 600 V and from 100 μA to 1 A. The meter has 3 top view nixie tubes for display, type GN-4PA from SEL-Lorenz.

    A look on the inside

A look on the inside

The logic circuitry is TTL. The production codes on the IC's are from 1969 and 1970. TTL IC's are from Motorola, Texas Instruments and Telefunken. The electrolytics and capacitors are from German brands, so I suspect this instrument has been built in Germany.

The instrument does work, but it is out of callibration. I don't have a manual or a schematic diagram, so it's hard to find out what to do about that. Until I find the manual, this is just a nice piece of equipment to look at

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