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Karlsson Nixie clock

This clock has been designed by Peter van der Jagt in 1997, as an exam project at the Arnhem school of arts. He used modern electronics to drive the old display tubes, resulting in a nixie clock that is much more compact than it would have been using electronic circuits from the era when nixie tubes were still produced. The clock has been encased in a shining stainless steel enclosure that makes it look finished, pure and simple. A design item for the modern home.

nixies in the dark

Karlsson clock and nixie tubes in the dark.

Peter may have set the trend which caused nixie tubes to gain popularity among people who are interested in modern design. Anyway, it is a fact that many other designs have appeared after it.

This clock uses 6 ZM1080 nixies that have had their orange coating removed. On the inside, there is a microcontroller for timekeeping and control. I haven't yet opened mine up, but according to jeff Thomas, who has autopsied his Karlsson nixie clock, it uses a time base separate from the microcontroller's clock. The HV for the nixies is said to come from a simple "reversed" power transformer.

I was given this clock as a gift from my employer. A thoughtful and a very well chosen present.

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