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Philips B5X14A radio (1961)

The B5X14A is a mid-range "Plano" model from 1961. It has a stereo amplifier but no FM stereo decoder yet.

The Philips "Plano" models were rather flat, wide models, usually having the speakers on the sides. The B5X14A is a compact mid-range model, with a design to well with 1961 modern design living room furniture. The sides are wood (veneered particle board), the top is covered with a type of plastic sheet that went by the brand name "Suwide" and that was used commonly in Dutch furniture in the early sixties. It does have a stereo amplifier, but no FM stereo reception yet.

I bought this B5X14A radio an a flea market. The person selling it told me it was 100% functional, as they alway do. Though this radio is nothing special, I bought it because I needed a radio that resembled the B7X14A enough to compare them and verify some odd measurements results I had on the B7X14A I was trying to fix. Like the B7X14A, it has 10 valves: 2 EL84 AF output amplifiers, an ECC83 AF pre-amplifier, an EAA91 as FM detector, an EBF 89 as third FM IF and AM detector, an EF89 as AM IF amplifier and second FM IF, an ECH81 as AM frequency changer or FM first IF, an ECC85 as FM RF amplifier and frequency changer. There also is an EM80 tuning indicator and an EZ80 rectifier.

	  A look inside the B5X14A shows that it is rather crowded inside.

A look inside the B5X14A shows that it is rather crowded inside.

The radio did work. The only electronic problem was that one of the output stages was weak. This was cured by replacing an EL84. I did my measurements and put the radio in store for a while.

Like the B8X44A, it had a diffusion screen behind the tuning scale that had become brittle and cracked. The screen was discoloured by the heat of the scale illumination lamps. I replaced it by a sheet of mylar drawing film. After this, I cleaned the case and the knobs thoroughly. It looks fine again now.

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