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Heathkit IG-102 signal generator

The Heathkit IG-102 is an RF signal generator, built from a kit. It is a relatively modern, rather basic generator. This specimen is in excellent shape.

The IG-102 is an RF generator covering frequencies from 100 kHz to 110 Mhz. I bought this signal generator on one of the quarterly radio flea-markets of the NVHR. It looked quite well, and since only had the Taylor 67A rf generator at the time, I thought this would be a better instrument to use. Well, is is. But it is not as stable as the Philips GM2883 I acquired later. The output connectors are a bit odd. These are cheap US microphone connectors. Hardly suitable for VHF signals.

The IG-102 actually has two separate rf oscillators. In order to avoid nasty effects from the wiring capacitances, Heathkit have used a separate oscillator for the VHF range (up to 110 MHz). The valve line-up is:

There is a semiconductor diode as rectifier.

This generator is neatly built. For some reason, the builder has covered the Heathkit brand name on the front with some kind of inventory label. So this may have been used in a small laboratory, maybe from a school.

When I tried the generator, it just worked. But I have not used it very often

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