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Change history of Onno's E-page

On this page you will find a list of the main changes to Onno's E-page, including the first publication date of every page and the dates of the major changes to the layout and style.
Change and update history
2024-04-27 Updated Bush VHF81 after repair.
2016-07-31 Fixed broken link in home page.
2016-04-24 Added a photograph to Valve Veneration page.
2016-04-23 Added Telequipment D83 scope.
2016-03-26 Added Tektronix 568 sampling scope and updated Valve Veneration page.
2016-03-09 Corrected some typos on Guitar amp cabinet, improved text and drawings on UTP cable tester.
2015-11-29 Corrected spelling errors on Guitar amp combo and subpages.
2015-11-29 Updated links on Eddystone 870 and Eddystone 840A.
2015-05-03 Added SEV frequency counter.
2015-05-03 GuitarifiedGeloso G215AN amplifier
2014-04-06 Another repair to the Krups Nespresso brewer.
2015-03-08 Update to Guitar amp combo page: speaker cloth and photographs. Cosmetic improvements to Geloso G215AN amplifier, Guitar amp -power amp, guitar pre-amplifier, guitar amp prototype and Adjustable power supply.
2015-03-08 Small change to template and css to become W3C complaint.
2015-01-31 Updated Bedrock 600 guitar combo page.
2014-12-20 Added Geloso G215AN amplifier and linked Guitar amp -power amplifier page to it.
2014-12-10 Added one more picture to Guitar amp combo page
2014-12-01 Updated Guitar amp project page, added Guitar amp cabinet page
2014-11-17 Added link to Guitar amp project page, 2014-11-16 Added new front page for Guitar amp project page, old page became Guitar amp -power amp and added guitar pre-amplifier page.
2014-08-30 Added new version of Guitar amp (the power amp) and updated page of first prototype.
2014-06-21 Added request for feedback to Bedrock 600 guitar combo repair page.
2014-06-15 Added transformer data to Bedrock 600 guitar combo repair page.
2014-06-01 Added converting a Compaq laptop power adapter to a LED lighting power supply.
2014-06-01 Added XN7001 repair to Krups Nespresso Repair page.
2014-05-14 Added Newport Laboratories Model 200A-3 3.5-digit digital panel meter.
2014-05-14 Added Philips PM2494 digital panel meter.
2014-05-14 Minor improvements to Racal 9520 frequency period meter and Gay-Milano Italian DVM.
2014-04-13 Updated GM5659/01 scope.
2014-04-06 Added Bedrock 600 guitar combo repair.
2014-04-06 Added Guitar combo flashover page.
2014-01-26 Continued Guitar amplifier (combo) project.
2014-01-18 Added Guitar amplifier (combo) project.
2014-01-18 Added Yellow Bathtub Submarine repair attempt.
2014-01-04 Added Krups Nespresso Repair.
2014-01-04 Added Odds & Ends chapter.
2013-05-01 Improved layout with slanted tabs and larger header image
2013-03-17 Updated Nordmende 3362 Digital voltmeter.
2013-03-16 Added Philips PM2424 digital multimeter.
2013-03-03 Added third Philips 667A I fixed.
2013-01-27 Added Universal AVO Minor, Siemens Multizet multimeter and Kyoritsu FET voltmeter to Multimeters page
2013-01-20 Added Feedback FM610 digital frequency meter, minor improvements on miscellaneous pages.
2013-01-13 Minor improvements on miscellaneous pages.
2012-09-29 Added Philips PM5126 sine/square-wave oscillator.
2012-09-23 Updated Philips GM2882 RF generator from around 1945, not working.
2012-09-23 Added Philips GM2882 RF generator from around 1946, working (traded).
2012-09-23 Minor update of About page
2012-09-16, 2012-09-17, 2012-09-22 Minor additions and corrections.
2012-08-25 Added Racal 9520 frequency period meter Made in Britain, 1970
2012-08-12 Added Delta D015-1.5 laboratory power supply.
2012-08-11 Added RS-232 level converter. after Maxim application note.
2012-08-11 Updated links page.
2012-08-04 Added universal frequency counter built by a German radio ham
2012-08-03 Added Berkel 176SG scale with Panaplex displays (1980)
2012-07-27 Added Bush VHF81 AM/FM AC/DC radio.
2012-06-18 Added Advance DVM1.
2012-02-12 Updated NordMende UW342 wobbler
2010-05-21 Made small correction to Neon Nostalgia page.
2010-05-05 Added Blaupunkt Stockholm 25.335
2010-04-18 Fixed Philips B7X63A Bi-Ampli radio
2010-04-18 Added Applying a new speaker cloth page
2010-04-17 Added Elektorscope DIY scope
2009-12-17 Small correction to Multimeters page
2009-11-28 Added SUP1 FM stereo generator
2009-11-28 Added Philips A5X83A AM/FM tuner.
2009-09-26 Added RFT Stern 5360D radio.
2009-09-25 Changed Neon Nostalgia page to include Pandicons and Panaplex displays.
2009-09-21 Added Nordmende 3362 Digital voltmeter.
2009-09-21 Repair report of Paco V-70 VTVM.
2009-06-27 Added Paco V-70 VTVM.
2009-06-07 Fixed meter movement on Philips GM7635.
2009-05-05 Fixed second Heathkit V-7A VTVM
2009-04-24 Added Schneider DVM and Gay-Milano Italian DVM
2009-04-24 Added Unigor type 6E to Multimeters page
2009-04-13 Fixed Heathkit V-7A VTVM and updated photographs on IM-11D page
2009-03-08 Added B&K 700 and Hickok I-177 tube testers
2009-01-13 Added NordMende UW342 wobbler
2008-11-24 Added diagram to Philips GM6004/02
2008-11-15 Updated About page
2008-11-15 Updated Heathkit V-7A VTVM and added page for fixed IM-11D
2008-11-02 Updated About page
2008-10-24 Added separate history page and updated About page
2008-10-24 Added Philips GM6004/02 diode voltmeter
2008-10-18 More or less fixed MBLE BBO840
2008-10-12 Finished restyling all pages!
2008-10-12 Restyled BX373A, BX560A, BX732A & BX480A
2008-10-11 Restyled B5X14A, B7X14A, B7X63A & B8X44A
2008-10-10 Restyled B1X42A, B1X67U and B4X82A-01
2008-10-05 Restyled Eddystone 840A and 870A pages
2008-10-04 Restyled KY485, KY515 and KY552 pages
2008-10-03 Restyled HMV1101, HMV112 and HX347A
2008-10-01 Restyled Fidelio 53 and RCA-Victor pages
2008-09-24 Restyled Sharp UW-122, Waldorp 120, Tesla 308U and Wartime Civilian Receiver pages
2008-09-20 Restyled 667A, 915X and AT660 WK3 pages
2008-09-17 Restyled second 667A radio
2008-09-15 Added Philips 836A radio
2008-09-15 Updated Isis 127A radio
2008-09-14 Added Mende 315W radio
2008-09-13 Added MBLE BBO840 FM tuner
2008-09-12 Restyled 456A, 470U and 170A
2008-09-06 RJ-45 cable tester added to projects
2008-09-05 Added adjustable power supply to projects
2008-09-02 Added Philips B7X63A and Bush DAC10
2008-08-22 Restyled pages in scopes and neon
2008-08-16 Restyled pages in Valve chapter
2008-07-20 Added About E-page page
2008-07-20 Added Moving Multimeters page
2008-07-20 Added Intricate Instruments page
2008-07-20 Finally introduced new site design
2008-04-08 Added Philips PM6630B counter
2008-03-30 Added Philips B4X82A-01 radio
2007-12-30 Added ZM1040 nixie clock project.
2007-04-07 Added Monsanto 101B and PM6630 counters
2007-04-07 Added PM2421 and PM2443 DVMs
2007-03-31 Added His Master's Voice 1122 radio.
2007-03-30 New photos Wartime and HM 207 scope
2007-03-23 New photos 456A, second 667A & UW-122
2007-03-18 Added Philips 456A radio
2007-01-13 Finally finished restoring second 667A
2006-12-01 Added Wartime Civilian Receiver
2006-12-01 Continued work on second 667A
2006-12-01 Updated GM5659 and GM5603 scopes
2006-11-27 Fixed BX373A "Compass" radio again
2006-11-27 Added Sharp UW-122 radio
2006-10-18 Small update of 170A-15 and others
2006-09-05 Extra photographs 667A and second 667A
2006-09-05 Tiny corrections to 470U and GM2883
2006-08-19 Small updates of Philips B8X44A
2006-08-12 Added Isis 127A radio
2006-08-12 Added Waldorp 120 battery radio
2006-08-12 Added B1X67U radio
2006-06-21 Blooper in Heathkit V-7A corrected
2006-06-05 Heathkit V-7A VTVM added
2006-05-26 Philips GM7635 valve multimeter added.
2006-05-26 PM5100 and Heath IG-102 added.
2006-05-26 Philips GM6012 AC millivoltmeter added.
2006-05-25 Fixed the GM2883 rf generator
2006-05-24 Added second Philips GM5659 scope
2006-05-06 Fixed Eddystone 840A receiver
2006-04-02 Added Philips GM2883 and GM5659-01
2006-04-02 Added Philips GM2886 and GM2882
2006-03-10 Repaired Erres KY552 portable again
2006-02-26 Added Erres KY552 portable
2006-02-26 Added BX373A "Compass"
2005-09-03 Moved to domain glowbug.nl
2005-08-14 Added 2nd Philips 667A
2005-06-05 Minor update
2005-03-18 Finished Philips 470U "Zonnetje"
2005-02-27 Added Philips 170A/15 radio
2004-12-23 Added Philips 470U "Zonnetje"
2004-12-23 Added Tesla Talisman 308U
2004-10-12 Hameg HM107 scope added
2004-10-08 Fixed AT Super 660 WK3 radio
2004-09-26 Added Digavi Nixie Multimeter
2004-09-26 Added EAW AT Super 660 WK3 radio
2004-07-07 Finished Bemelman Nixie Clock
2004-07-03 Eddystone 840A communication receiver
2004-07-03 Added Philips B5X14A Plano
2004-07-03 Added Philips B7X14A Plano
2004-07-03 Added Philips B8X44A Plano
2004-06-01 Added Bemelman Nixie Clock
2004-05-16 Added Karlsson Nixie Clock
2004-03-19 Added Philips GM2317 LF generator.
2004-02-25 moved site to demon internet
2003-09-13 BX732A radio swapped
2003-09-07 Philips B1X42A AM/FM receiver added
2003-08-11 Philips GM5603 scope halfway fixed
2003-07-06 Erres KY485 radio added, BX480A updated
2003-05-18 Philips GM5603 scope added
2003-05-18 Update to Tek 545B scope
2003-05-18 Minor update to Eddystone radio
2003-04-24 New repair to Philips BX560A-02 radio
2003-01-05 Philips BX560A-02 radio added
2002-12-21 Minor update to RCA Victor 4-Y-511 combo
2002-12-06 Casio 122 desktop calculator added
2002-12-06 New information on Japanese calculator
2002-12-06 Minor update to Monroe 640 Calculator
2002-12-06 Update to Neon Nostalgia page
2002-11-27 Systron Donner 9000 Volt-Ohmmeter added
2002-11-15 Monroe 640 Desktop Calculator added
2002-11-11 HX347A page updated.
2002-11-11 Hameg HM207 scope added
2002-09-15 Nordmende Fidelio 53 radio added
2002-08-23 RCA Victor 4-Y-511 radiogram added
2002-08-03 HX347A close-up photographs
2002-07-21 Added How to Drive Nixies page
2002-07-12 Fixed hum in Erres KY515 radio
2002-06-01 Finally added decentSite Map
2002-04-21 Philips PM2420 digital multimeter
2002-04-01 Philips PM2423 digital multimeter
2002-04-01 Heathkit IM1202 digital multimeter
2002-04-01 Digital stopwatch with nixies
2002-03-24 His Master's Voice 1101 radio
2001-10-27 IO-20 ignition analyser
2001-08-05 Calculator with 7-segment neon display
2001-07-22 PM2433 Nixie digital voltmeter
2001-07-09 Taylor model 67A RF generator
2001-06-06 Minor update to Valve Veneration
2001-05-23 UM58 homebrew regenerative receiver
2001-05-23 Erres KY515 radio fixed!
2001-05-03 Erres KY515 radio added
2001-04-30 915X and BX732A radios added
2001-03-16 GM5606 scope added
2001-03-11 FC7008 frequency counter kit
2001-03-11 TR3788 nixie frequency counter
2001-03-11 New home page style
2001-01-31 Eddystone 870A schematic added
2000-12-27 GM5653 scope photos added
2000-11-12 Projects Page added
2000-10-31 Eddystone 870A radio added
2000-10-22 Added Tek 545B scope
2000-10-20 EVM100 nixie panel meter
2000-10-20 Neon Nostalgia page added
2000-09-05 HX347A radio-gramophone
2000-08-29 GM5653 scope
2000-08-13 High voltage supply added
2000-07-27 Launched E-page and Valve Veneration with 667A radio and BX480A

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